Juicy Shave Products for Women

UX, Brand Strategy

The problem: The current razor marketplace is noisy and wasteful. It’s difficult to find affordable quality.

Women want a good razor but don’t want to try hard to find one or realize that their choice will only work briefly.

Our challenge: Create an easy, authentic, reliable choice for women in the shaving space.

My Roles

Research, Identity, Illustration, Photo & Video, Web Design & Html/Css


6 weeks


Kelly Shea, Research, Identity, Illustration, Copywriting, Advertising
Judilee Haider, Research, Identity, Illustration, Packaging, Motion

1 Research

We researched other shave brands in the women's and men's markets and took inspiration from the Dollar Shave Club for men. There only women's shave subscription that has taken off is Billie, which has really effectively marketed to millenials and Gen Z. We love Billie, but we wanted to target a wider age range of women, and to find a way to focus more on sustainability.

We learned that razor blades are not recyclable because of the mix of plastic and metal and sharps, and that the kinds of plastic used in a lot of body products, while technically recyclable, are not commonly recycled by city programs in the USA. Aerosol shave cream cans, which still dominate the market, are obviously not recyclable becuase they are pressurized.

We surveyed and interviewed women about what is important to them in a shave brand, and focused in on the pain points and potential gains.

2 Our Users

With our research in hand, we created customer journey map, gaining more understanding of how a user might interact with Guava from first touchpoint to repeat purchases.

3 Our Solution

Guava is a shave subscription service that delivers high quality skincare directly to women. Using rich, plant-based ingredients, Guava fosters sustainability and stimulates the senses, bringing delight to the mundane. We are accessed online rather than through physical stores.

Access the full website here.


We created a series of ads using the taglines “more juice, more fun” “more juice, “softer skin” and “more juice, less waste.”

Creating the Brand

We created the logo and look together, each illustrating one set of our final images for use in packaging and web. We wanted the packaging to be a beautiful addition to a customer’s bathroom, and to celebrate women in both a size- and age-inclusive way.

Coming Soon:

—More Motion
—Next Steps

More Juice,
Softer Skin

Guava Ginger

Our namesake body wash cre-ates an intoxicating reset for the senses. Sweet Hawaiian guava juice is balanced with invigorating ginger and dragon-fruit to leave you clean, soft, and energized for whatever you set your sights on next.