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Welcome to Guava

We’re passionate about creating vibrant, sustainable body products that upgrade routines into wild rejuvenation. Our line is crafted with powerful tropical fruits and sustainable materials to leave both your skin and your conscience feeling bright. Just imagine us uprooting that beautiful corner juice shop and moving it into your bathroom, because you deserve post-elixir feels on the daily. Sound good? Let’s get you set up.

Only the Good Stuff

Organic goodness for your skin and for the planet

How it Works

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Choose a Razor

Our starter kit includes three base options and three extra blades.

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Optional Add-Ons

Add a body wash or lotion into the mix as a one-time purchase or recurring refill.

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Select Frequency

Our club option of scheduled refill deliveries is super con-venient but always optional.

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Shipped to You, for Free

No hidden costs here, only exciting deliveries.

More Juice,
Softer Skin

Guava Ginger

Our namesake body wash cre-ates an intoxicating reset for the senses. Sweet Hawaiian guava juice is balanced with invigorating ginger and dragon-fruit to leave you clean, soft, and energized for whatever you set your sights on next.

More Juice, Less Waste

Guava was inspired by nature’s vibrancy, and we make choices to ensure that it thrives. That’s why we’ve created a recycling network around our products with the goal of zero waste.
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We use durable plastic #5, of which only 3% is currently recycled in the U.S.

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Our glass bottle and pouch refill system uses 95% less plastic than typical bottles.

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Your cartridges arrive in a pre-addressed box. Send it back and we’ll recycle them for you.

Introducing Waste-Free Travel Cream

Leave the bottle behind on your next adventure. Our water-soluble shave cream pods are designed as a single-use solution to bring you a great shave on the go. Just wet, rub, lather, and rinse.