Making a grad show for our class of 60.

Environmental Design, Exhibit Design

I was nominated to be the exhibit lead for our student-led, student-created show. It was a wild experience of project management with 60 stakeholders and 60 workers. There were many spreadsheets, lists, and an unweildy calendar. Since our roles were only defined by ourselves through meetings, there was a lot of grey area around whose team was responsible for a given task or deliverable. My team created wayfinding, a brochure, desk signs, and the overall layout of the 5th floor for the show. From big picture to the details of how each printed piece was hung, we worked to create a flow that would be engaging, understandable, and lead visitors through a hopefully delightful experience of our class' work.

I learned about balancing initiative with listening, the greater communication needed for effectively collaborating with so many people, and reconciling interpersonal conflict. I practiced pushing for pieces that I believed really mattered, choosing my battles, and taking ownership for my decisions without embarrassment.